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Friday, March 22, 2013

Melonie Dodaro's successful webinar "3 Quick and Little-Known Secrets for Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn" is on March 24

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Here are some events that happened recently and
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Just In … Brand New Events, Just Announced …

Suzanne Evans just announced a brand new livestream for March 27  - Make Your Mess Your Message: 5 Simple Decisions to Turn Catastrophe to Cash, Make Millions and Make a Difference.

In the News …

Best-Selling Author of The Millions Within, David Neagle, presents P.A.I.D.: the 4-part Cash Injection Plan for People Ready to Make Real Money! Register for this 2-part Free call and discover how to get paid using David’s 4 steps to creating your cash injection – no systems, website or marketing plan required. For more information

Next Week’s Special Events …

Pamela Bruner has a livestream on March 24 on “Ending Overwhelm Now.”

Melonie Dodaro has an encore on her webinar on March 25 – 3 Quick and Little-Known Secrets for Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn.”

Kristin Thompson talks with several entrepreneurs this week as part of her Rock Your Talk Success Summit:
  • March 25 - Mara Glazer on “5 Simple Steps to Super Social Media Pay Days Now 
  • March 27 - Christina Morassi on “Attract High-Paying Clients With Your Ecstatic Brand.” 
  • March 29 - Michelle Shaeffer on “Get Your Message Out: How to Build a Bigger Platform With Blogging.” 

Tracey Fieber has call # 3 of 5 on March 27 – Advance Cash Flow Mastery Training Program –

Kristin Thompson and Angella Johnson have call # 5 of 6 on March 27.  – Event Profit Machine: Power Up Your Profits - For more information

Tracey C. Webber has call # 1 of 2 on March 27 on “Seven Steps to Selling Success.” For more information

InfusionCon 2013 is in Scottsdale, AZ.  The Conference is a 3-day event starting March 27. For more information

Monica Shah has a 1 day live event in Boston, MA – Double Your Income This Year, Even if You Just Started -  For more information


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The Calendar of Events is an up-to-date listing of events, teleseminars & training being hosted by the most influential thought leaders in Information Marketing today:

March 17 - 25, 2013
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On a Personal Note

Thought for the week:

Faith based on Understanding is the Key to Freedom

David Neagle

We wish you a successful week…

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